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Timing Is Everything

Hundreds of the world’s most successful people have been attributed saying that or something very similar. It’s true in art, in sport, and in business. It’s at the heart of search engine marketing (SEM). Reaching potential customers right as they’re searching for what you’re selling is critical. How do we accomplish this?

Pay Per Click advertising, remarketing, Google ads, Amazon advertising, display network advertising. These are all methods to reaching and following customers that are searching for what you’re selling. Get in front of the right customers, the right way, at the right time with Edgewater Digital’s SEM services.

Our Search Engine Marketing Services Include:

  • A world class PPC strategy customized around your business goals.
  • Help defining and refining the list of keywords you should be bidding on
  • Development of a comprehensive bid strategy that maximizes your budget
  • Writing compelling ad copy that will help your messaging stand out among your competitors
  • Creation and optimization of your landing pages to generate the highest conversion rate possible
  • Qualification of your sales leads based on factors most important to you and your business
  • Remarketing to subsets of people who have taken specific actions to help move them closer to the moment of purchase
  • Measurement of the results of each aspect of your campaign
  • Continual optimization of campaigns to generate maximum business opportunities

We're all over it.

Having SEM specialists continuously working on every aspect of your advertising campaigns will provide you with continuous optimization of your advertising. This will reduce your cost per lead and make new customer acquisition less expensive and more streamlined.

SEM often provides very fast Return on Investment (ROI) because your messaging can get in front of  customers within just a few days of our takeover of your campaign. Dramatic improvements in SEM and PPC results are often possible within just a few weeks of hiring us to manage your advertising accounts.


Edgewater Digital's SEM management fee is based on a number of dynamic factors:

  • Monthly media spend (starting at $1500/month)
  • Number of platforms required for advertising (Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Number of independent campaigns, products, or services required

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