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Email & Marketing Automation - Our Process

You're working far too hard to convert your leads. Let us help you by automating the more tedious tasks associated with moving your leads down the sale funnel toward the moment of purchase. We employ drip emails that are driven by subscriber interaction, behavior, interests, location, history and more. It's about connecting all platforms so you can automate the entire life cycle of a subscriber or customer.

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It's More Than Just Email

Don't get us wrong, we put together great email campaigns, it's just that email marketing often gets mistaken for the whole of marketing automation.  The truth is that email marketing is merely one tactic available for marketing automation. With marketing automation, you have access to powerful features like multi-step campaigns, lead scoring, and analytics, which will make your email tactics much more strategic.

Quality Over Quantity - Generate Good Leads

Inbound lead generation is useless unless you have quality leads who are actually interested in purchasing your product or service. We hear it all the time from small business owners:

"I have plenty of leads, but they aren't actually leads. They are just random inquiries with no intent to buy. We waste so much time replying to people who aren't interested in buying or who never even respond."

A good marketing automation platform can help generate leads and more importantly can help you "score" the lead, by matching a person's digital activity against the activities of people who have previously bought from you. This data helps you predict who is most likely to buy and who is just "kicking the tires". This way, you only spend time reaching out to leads who are at the right point of the sales funnel to convert. With a marketing automation platform, you can track people, who view your newsletters, download product brochures, read your blogs or engage with your website, and then automatically customize your content to them, bringing them closer to the point of purchase.


So this is where you say, "We're better together." Right?

You bet!  A good marketing automation campaign involves email, ad networks, apps, social media, content scoring, analytics, landing pages, and even occasionally the kitchen sink! Well, okay, maybe not the sink.  The reality is, we can help you connect the dots between all these technologies and platforms to help nurture your leads, qualify them, and then hand them to you when they are ready to buy.  Contact us to learn how.

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