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Our Method

Edgewater Digital provides our customers with a holistic approach to strategy while offering acute expertise in individual tactics designed to meet our client’s needs.

We subscribe to the Consumer Decision Journey Model:

We built our organization to be all about yours.
Your business.
Your persona.
Your brand – both now and in the future.

It’s also about your customers. What are they looking for? How and when do they make purchasing decisions?


We’re here to position you at the right place and time to connect with your core audience and move them to engage. We want to help you quit reacting to the changing tides of technology and start playing offense with digital strategy and tactics focused on your goals, not your fears.


As a boutique firm, we are able to tailor our approach to fit your needs rather than force-feeding every customer into the same predetermined process.

We’re different because we’re a partner. You can ask us questions. You can talk directly to us. We’ll help you navigate the digital landscape with the strategy, advice, content, and execution required to further your goals.